Data check

Data check for perfect print results

We always subject your data to a professional data check, free of charge of course. The size of the print object is irrelevant. If your data is in order, it is immediately sent to production.
If something is not right, that is no problem either. Smaller problems we eliminate ourselves, without additional costs! In the case of larger problems, we will contact you personally or by e-mail, so that they can be resolved in the short term.

What we check:

  • Are all fonts embedded or converted to curves.
  • Which file type is used
  • Is the file PDF/X compliant
  • Have you observed all bleeds
  • Have spot colours been created and correctly converted to CMYK?
  • Have you created all resolutions correctly?
  • Hairlines and transparencies
  • Have you considered overprinting

What we usually do not (cannot) check:

  • Text and typesetting errors, spelling
  • Layout
  • Design

Please note the factsheets and data sheets from the options in the web shop within the ordering process.


Contact persons data check

M. Wessely,
Phone +49 7128 9282-22
W. Vöhringer,
Phone +49 7128 9282-20

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