Printing substrates

Substrates in UV printing

The market offers many exclusive printing materials. You will be amazed at the extensive range available to you! These exceptional materials can be divided into four main groups:

Image and effect papers

have a special surface coating (colour, metallic, pearlescent). Often the finishing is only on one side.

Transparent papers

have their natural transparency without coating.
With an iridescent, coloured surface finish, unique "plays of light" result.

Foils and plastics

have completely different specific properties compared to paper or cardboard. High gloss or fine matt brilliance, opaque, transparent or crystal clear – an ideal basis for many applications.

Self-adhesive materials

Many papers and films are available with self-adhesive backing. Self-adhesive films are available as white or transparent PVC films. There is also a wide range of coloured films. PVC films are weather resistant for years in outdoor applications. They are very easy to print, simple to process and inexpensive.
As an alternative, we use the environmentally friendly ECOplus film, which is made of environmentally friendly polyolefines, as well as PE and PP films. These self-adhesive films also deliver good printing results in UV offset.


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