Paper with watermark

Paper with logo as watermark

For some years now, a special process has made it possible for us to watermark paper with the customer’s logo.
The watermark looks absolutely genuine and can even be produced in small quantities at a reasonable price.

Letter paper with watermark

With watermarked letter paper, your logo is harmoniously integrated into the design of your letterhead – and thus effectively and consistently supports your corporate image. This way, your letterheads can definitely be seen… We are happy to produce your letterheads complete with watermark and print – inexpensively and in proven offset print quality.

Document paper with watermark

Understandably, you want to be sure that the documents you issue are not forged or tampered with. Your originals should always be clearly distinguishable from tampered copies. That is why the certificate paper we produce has your own watermark. Like your own fingerprint, it is individual and forgery-proof, as the watermark cannot be copied or duplicated. If you need further security features for your documents, you will find them at our security papers.

Watermarked paper – unbeatably versatile

We offer you many possibilities for your watermarked paper: Many natural papers and boards from 60 to 170 g, any format up to 35×50 cm, subsequent insertion into existing forms possible, no modification of existing form masks required, short lead and delivery times, no testing equipment required – a glance against the daylight is enough.

Shadow watermark as an option

This effect is amazing: When executed as a "shadow watermark", the watermark appears somewhat lighter when viewed from above – and suddenly appears darker when viewed through. This provides a special level of security. You can only get such shadow watermarks from us.

It’s as simple as this:

  • You send us your logo (vector graphic) and letterhead (PDF)
  • we optimise your logo as a template for your watermark
  • we place the watermark template on your letterhead
  • we send you a PDF to check and approve for printing
  • you release your letterhead with watermark for printing
  • in just a few days you will receive your watermarked paper

Watermark test

Watermark test

You send approx. 20 unfolded letterheads and receive them back free of charge with a standard watermark.

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Watermark imprint

Watermark imprint

On request, we can produce samples with your watermark at cost price.

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