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As a Swabian company, difficult tasks are welcome challenges for us. We are constantly working on printing innovations to achieve the best for our customers. This endeavour has been rewarded not only by satisfied customers, but also by innovation prizes

Innovation Award e·facts Consulting documents

Design and production of standardised UV print sample sheets that allow comparisons on different materials. Effects through spot varnishing, opaque white, silver and uniform colour halftone patches show what UV printing in small format can achieve.

  • 1st place in the Reutlingen Region Innovation Competition

Innovation Awards Security Paper

To protect important documents we have developed a neutral security paper. On the original, the word “ORIGINAL” is visible as a watermark. The watermark disappears on the copy – instead a distinctive “COPY” is visible. The paper is provided with the copy protection “COPY” on both sides.

Applications are official forms, identity cards, letterheads, business forms, expert opinions, contract forms, testimonials, deeds, certificates, brand design, ISO documentation …

  • 1st place in the Reutlingen region innovation competition
  • VR Innovation Award for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Baden-Württemberg

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