Watermark paper

Watermark paper with your own watermark

Even today, a paper with its own watermark looks particularly extravagant and valuable. Until a few years ago, only large companies could afford paper with their own watermark. The costs of production were very high and the amount of paper required was very large.

Inexpensive watermark paper from as little as 500 sheets

We can produce inexpensive watermark paper in small quantities. A special process makes it possible. This makes your printed matter extravagant and valuable. In addition, they contain an individual copy protection. You can also use your new watermark paper for important documents, because your watermark is as individual and forgery-proof as your fingerprint – it can neither be copied nor scanned.

Create secure documents yourself

From now on, you can print out forgery-proof original documents yourself with your laser printer. All you have to do is supply us with your company logo or lettering as a vector file or PDF. We will then produce the paper with your individual watermark from 500 pieces in the quantity you require. Then place the paper in your printer – and off you go…

Easy to use

Unlike embossing, holograms or other methods, you do not have to accept any restrictions with watermark paper. You can overprint, write on and copy the watermark.
The watermarked original can always be clearly distinguished from a copy (always without watermark) – a glance against the daylight is enough.

Examples of applications for watermarked paper

Watermarked paper is ideal for e.g. expert opinions, contract forms, certificates, deeds, (employment) references, ISO documentation, ID cards, letterheads, business prints and brand design.

Watermark test

Watermark test

You send approx. 20 unfolded letterheads and receive them back free of charge with a standard watermark.

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Watermark imprint

Watermark imprint

On request, we can produce samples with your watermark at cost price.

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