Print customer cards

Have customer cards printed – it’s worth it

Customer cards are being used more and more. They create relationships and trust. Your customers usually always have this card with them, safely stored in their wallet. The personal loyalty card means that your company is always present. This means that your customers do not just pass by by chance, but feel part of your company.

Have customer cards printed for continuous use

The customer cards we produce are ideal for stress, wetness and dirt. Unlike cards made of cardboard or cheap versions with UV varnish, our plastic cards are practically indestructible. They consist of several layers with overlay foils, are pressed under heat and punched out precisely. The result is high-quality plastic cards in credit card quality – with a glossy or matt surface.

Customer cards with many possibilities

Coloured loyalty cards with a glossy or matt surface are part of our standard range.
However, there are many other possibilities:

  • Personalisation with name, customer no., etc.
  • Numbering or coding (e.g. QR code)
  • Writing field for signature or inscription
  • scratch field with profit or customer code
  • Noble imprint with gold or silver

Inform us about your wishes and ideas so that we can realise your customised plastic card.

Order plastic cards

Order plastic cards

Excellent credit card quality:
Durable, permanently beautiful.
Individual print, glossy or matt.
Many options available.

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Data memory QR code

Print plastic cards with qr code

Added value for plastic cards: The QR code contains information that can be read and used with a smartphone.

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