Stickers and labels with contour cut

Contour cut stickers – inline with printing

At many printing companies, printing and die-cutting are two separate operations. With us, it’s different: using UV offset printing, we print and die-cut contour-cut stickers in a single pass. The result: free-form stickers in any shape and high print quality – convenient to peel off.
Alternatively, we produce contour-cut stickers in small quantities or in large formats using digital printing.

What is special about freeform stickers?

Freeform stickers are not square or rectangular, but have an individual shape. This can be adapted to the respective motif. The print image and the shape of the sticker are thus harmoniously matched. The free form thus eliminates superfluous "white space". Freeform stickers are suitable, among others, as car stickers, logo stickers, sticker sheets and advertising stickers.

Advantages of inline die-cut stickers:

Instead of two separate operations, with inline die-cut stickers we combine printing and die-cutting: The inline die-cutting unit saves time and costs – and also brings advantages in terms of quality. The print image and die-cutting contour are precisely checked and adjusted for a perfect fit during production.
Different line heights allow punching and die-cutting in one pass if required – perforating is also possible. Since we punch into the wet UV coating during UV offset printing, there are no broken edges on the punching contour.

  • 100% exact fitting accuracy of print and punch contour
  • Punching, die-cutting and perforating possible
  • Time/cost savings due to elimination of the punching pass
  • Quality control during the entire production process

Stickers contour cut in digital printing

We produce contour-cut stickers in digital printing with bright weatherproof colors – and cut them into any shape immediately after printing. Modern digital printers, high-quality materials and proven know-how guarantee high-quality stickers also in digital printing.

Contour cutting – not only for stickers:

In the display area, special properties such as printability, stiffness, break resistance and durability are often important for contour cutting.
There is a wide variety of materials available for this purpose, e.g.:

  • rigid PVC films, white or transparent, 150-600 my thickness
  • high-quality self-adhesive films in white, matt or transparent (also removable)
  • versatile cardboard assortment with surface refinement
  • special films (polysterol, PP, PE, PET etc.) on request

Tips for creating punching contours

There are hardly any restrictions on the shape of stickers with die-cut contours. However, if the shapes are too filigree, difficulties may arise during removal. In the case of sticker sheets, the individual die cutting contours should have a minimum distance of 2 mm from each other. In your print data, please create the die cutting contours as vectors in a special color with a clear designation – for example, “die cut”. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about this.

UV printing

Sticker contour cut in UV printing

We print films, PVC and other materials safely and perfectly in cost-effective A3 format.

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Die-cut variety

Sticker inline die cut

Inline die-cut is ideal for sticker/logo sheets, promotional stickers, shelf wobblers, door hangers, etc.

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