Transparent sticker

Sticker transparent – with or without opaque white

We print transparent stickers or labels effectively in UV offset with lightfast inks. Underlaid with opaque white, the colours are not negatively affected by sticking them on a dark or coloured background. If the transparent stickers are only applied to a light background or are only printed in black in one colour, opaque white can be dispensed with.
Transparent stickers are used, for example, as stickers for windows. As back-glass stickers for indoor use, the print is side-inverted and overprinted with opaque white if necessary. For sticker sheets and logo sheets, the colour print is usually underlaid with opaque white.

Transparent stickers with many advantages:

  • 2-3 years lightfast – instead of max. 6 months
  • free choice of format – instead of predefined sizes
  • individual cutting dies – instead of predefined motifs
  • different foils and adhesives – instead of standard material
  • as sticker sheets with several stickers
  • Transparent foil also with opaque white underprinting
  • TOP prices possible due to collective shapes

Technology and material for transparent stickers:

  • 5 UV units + 1 coating unit inline + 1 die-cutting unit inline
  • UV inks with highest light fastness
  • Special UV varnish with high weather resistance
  • Inline die-cutting absolutely accurate, without broken edges
  • Branded film durable for several years, even outdoors
  • various adhesives: permanent, removable, extra-permanent
  • Special films (PP, PE, etc.) on request

UV printing

Transparent stickers in UV offset printing

We print films, PVC and other materials safely and perfectly in cost-effective A3 format.

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Die-cut variety

Transparent sticker with inline die-cutting

Inline die-cut is ideal for sticker/logo sheets, promotional stickers, shelf wobblers, door hangers, etc.

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