Digital print stickers in short runs

Digital print stickers in many variations

Digital print stickers – the ideal solution for short runs and variable print data. We offer many options to meet the wishes of our customers. These include stickers in any shape (square, round, oval, freeform); white, transparent as well as special foils; permanent and removable adhesive. White printing is also possible in UV digital printing. By printing on foil, the stickers are waterproof, uv resistant and durable. But also adhesive paper is an alternative for some purposes.

Freeform stickers contour cut

Digital printing has the advantage that freeform stickers can be contour cut as desired. Many customers want round or oval stickers. It is even more interesting when the print image is made particularly effective by the matching shape of the sticker. Since the contour cut is digitally controlled, there are no additional costs for die-cutting tools. For larger quantities, however, it is cheaper to die-cut the stickers inline in the UV offset press using a cutting die, as this printing process is much faster than digital printing. We use both processes in-house so that the best and most cost-effective production route can be chosen in each case.
Freeform stickers are popular as club stickers, sticker sheets with multiple contour-cut stickers, sticker sheets with die-cut logos or freeform labels. We are happy to provide expert advice or send you samples.

Barcode and QR Code Stickers

Stickers with barcode or QR code are very popular. When coded accordingly, they have a decisive added value: they are not only analogue, but can also be used digitally! That’s why we also produce plastic cards with QR or barcode for our customers – as customer cards, membership cards or club cards.
Codes may be inconspicuous, but they can contain a lot of data. With reading devices such as barcode scanners or a barcode app on a smartphone or tablet, they can be read and interpreted quickly and easily. No wonder, because the term QR stands for “Quick Response”.
QR code stickers impress with the fact that they can contain a wide range of information: Website or Facebook link, vCard, geolocation, text, email, PDF, MP3, image. QR codes are very reliable because they have been developed in such a way that even if they are partially destroyed, the information is still readable. Stickers can be completely printed with an identical code or personalised codes. This makes personalised or factual labelling possible.
There are many common barcode types available for stickers with barcodes: EAN 8, EAN 13, Code 39 and Code 128. It is often helpful to print the information contained on the sticker in plain text. If the code is not legible, it can be entered manually in this way. We personalise stickers with barcodes using an Excel file or special software with the desired barcode.

Numbered or personalised stickers

If stickers are numbered, confusion is impossible – each sticker is unique and clearly assignable. This allows objects such as machines, containers, shelves or products to be safely and reliably organised, counted, checked or labelled. Numbered stickers are therefore often used as inventory stickers. Barcodes or QR codes are useful for supplementary digital recording.
For certain promotions, it is worthwhile to personalise stickers. Think of certain promotions or Christmas and New Year greetings. Your customers will certainly be happy to receive beautifully designed stickers with their own name. Combined with your advertising or contact details, they will stay in sight for a long time.

Advantages of sticker digital printing

  • Waterproof and uv resistant stickers in small print runs
  • Inexpensive freeform stickers with any contour
  • UV digital printing with opaque white for transparent films
  • Barcode and QR Code stickers with digital added value
  • Numbered stickers for perfect organisation
  • Personalised stickers for your promotional campaigns
  • Other printing methods as an addition

For printing colleagues

Digital printing for colleagues

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