Hot foil embossing – the inexpensive print refinement

Digital hot foil embossing

Digital foil embossing respectively hot foil stamping gives printed matter a noble partial metallic effect. This enhances printed matter decisively so that it clearly stands out from other printed products. Logos, fonts, surfaces and also images look excellent with glossy foil.
Digital hot foil embossing is inexpensive and flexible because no additional tools such as embossing dies are required. The respective motif is simply printed onto the paper with a hot stamping foil in digital printing. On our digital printing machine, we combine 4c digital printing with silver, gold or coloured metallic foils to create outstanding effects for your printed matter at low cost.


Metallic foil for images

Metallic or shiny image elements backed with metallic foil are particularly effective.


Surfaces with metallic effect

Shiny metallic surfaces lend documents and certificates the appropriate value.


Personalisation or numbering with foil

Personalised names as well as numbers in metallic foil protect vouchers from counterfeiting attempts.


Logo with hot foil stamping

Letterheads and business cards look classy and stylish with a shimmering metallic logo or slogan.

Short-run printing – also with variable data

Foil stamping in digital printing is particularly suitable for printing short runs and variable data. Why? Because there are no high basic costs, as our professional digital printing press with inline foiling processes the print data directly and produces the finished print product. Short runs with variable data for personalisation or numbering are therefore also possible without any problems – not only in colour, but also with metallic foil.

Metal foil for more counterfeit protection

For some printed matter it is important that it is as forgery-proof as possible. These include, for example, admission tickets, vouchers, deeds, certificates and testimonials. The best way to protect against manipulation is to implement several security features during print production. These can be individual watermarks, hidden lettering for automatic marking of copies, codes or numbering. With our modern digital printing, we can number or personalise important documents inexpensively with metal foil – and equip them with additional security features.

Hologram foil for special effects

Hologram foils are available with different structures that make effective use of the wave character of light. The endless holograms on hologram foils have the advantage that they can be placed freely. As security strips, they are a cost-effective security element for marking important documents. These include ID cards, certificates, admission tickets, warranty documents, expert opinions, vouchers, product markings, securities and certificates. Numbering with hologram foil is also a useful option to prevent forgery attempts.

Papers for digital foil embossing

The quality of digital foil embossing depends on the nature of the substrate. The quality is better on smooth paper than on rough uncoated paper. The reason for this is that on uncoated paper with a rough surface, the printed black toner itself does not form a flat surface. Therefore, the film cannot adhere to the toner in all places, resulting in an uneven appearance with black areas without film. However, this structure can in some cases create an effect that harmonises with the printed product. Particularly suitable are matt or glossy coated image printing papers as well as preferably smooth uncoated papers.

Advantages that convince

  • Uncomplicated and efficient printing process
  • Foil stamping and CMYK printing on one press
  • Inexpensive short runs compared to offset printing
  • Variable data printing (personalise, number)
  • Additional tools are not required
  • Wide range of applications

Foil embossing flyer

Foil embossing flyer

Advertising flyer as PDF (german)

Foil embossing info sheet

Foil embossing info sheet

Info sheet as PDF

Article trade journal

Foil stamping Article Graphic palette

Article as PDF (german)

Foil embossing press release

Pressemitteilung Folienprägung

Press release as PDF (german)

For printing colleagues

Hot foil embossing for colleagues

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