Sleeking – finishing with hot foil in digital printing

Sleeking printing for noble printed matter

As Sleeking printing is based on digital printing, it is particularly suitable for short runs and variable data. With this digital hot foil stamping, fonts, logos or surfaces are simply fixed to the substrate with the desired metallic Sleeking foil – and can also be overprinted in colour. For images, elements partially backed with metallic foil are particularly effective. It is even possible to personalise or number with hot foil.
Sleeking printing is effective and refreshingly uncomplicated: Our modern digital printing machine with foil unit processes the print data directly and produces the finished print product. There are no unnecessary costs for embossing tools.
The desired element is first printed onto the paper with black toner. In the same pass, the metallic foil is applied exactly on top of the black print. This is possible because the hot stamping foil only adheres to the toner, but not to the paper.

Sleeking foil for a variety of printed materials

Glossy Sleeking Foil decorates printed matter such as letterheads, invitation cards, certificates and business cards. A variety of metallic colours are available, including gold, silver, copper and rose gold, as well as metallic red, blue, purple and green. Alternatively, silver foil can simply be overprinted in colour.
It is impressive how a metallic Sleeking Foil makes printed matter stand out:

  • noble logo on letterhead or business cards
  • shiny slogan on flyers or envelopes
  • personalised name on invitations or vouchers
  • numbering on certificates or admission tickets
  • silver or gold title on certificates
  • partial or full-surface image on brochures


Metallic foil for images

Metallic or shiny image elements backed with metallic foil are shown off to particularly good effect.


Surfaces with metallic effect

Shiny metallic surfaces lend documents and certificates the appropriate value.


Personalisation or numbering with foil

Personalised names as well as numbers in metallic foil protect vouchers from counterfeiting attempts.


Logo with hot foil embossing

Letterheads and business cards look classy and stylish with a shimmering metallic logo or slogan.

The Sleeking process is convincing:

  • uncomplicated digital sleeking printing process
  • inexpensive short runs compared to offset printing
  • personalisation or numbering with Sleeking foil
  • tools like embossing dies are not necessary
  • numerous application possibilities

Print data for Digital Sleeking

Please create the print data for Digital Sleeking as spot colour or in CMYK with 100% black. It is advantageous to provide two separate PDF files: one for hot foil stamping and one for colour printing. If you divide your print file into two separate layers, you can easily create the two PDFs by showing one layer and hiding the other.
It is best to create the elements for digital sleeking as vector data. Please note that lines or fonts should be at least 0.15 mm thick, depending on the substrate.

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