Waste bin stickers – weatherproof and lightfast

Waste bin stickers for waste management

It often happens that rubbish ends up in a waste bin that does not actually belong there. Information sheets on this are often misplaced or users do not have them to hand. To remedy this situation, waste bin stickers can be affixed directly to the respective bins.

Bin stickers with many advantages

  • for all bins (residual waste, organic waste, waste paper, recyclables, yellow bin,…)
  • better sorting due to information, fewer wrong ingredients
  • easy comprehensibility through pictograms (international)
  • design by customer (e.g. by advertising agency) or by us
  • individual bin stickers sizes up to DIN A3+

Additional tools

  • Yellow complaint slips for notices (bin will be emptied)
  • Red complaint slips for notices (bin will NOT be emptied)

Barrel stickers – protected from wind and weather:

  • Colours with highest light fastness 1-2 y. durable (without varnish)
  • UV varnish protects against weather and dirt, > 3 y. durable (opt.)
  • Adhesive primer + UV varnish: optimal protection, > 5 y. durable (opt.)

Good advice saves money

Advice waste bin sticker

We will be happy to advise you in advance so that you can optimally prepare your data for printing.

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Die-cut variety

Sticker inline die cut

Inline die-cut is ideal for sticker/logo sheets, promotional stickers, shelf wobblers, door hangers, etc.

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