Security paper preprints from stock

Security paper preprints for important documents

With our security paper forms you can protect important documents. On the original, the word “ORIGINAL” is visible as a watermark.
On the copy, this disappears – instead, for example, a distinctive “COPY” appears.
Various versions of our neutral security paper in DIN A4 format are available from stock at short notice. You can not only choose different paper thicknesses from 80 – 160g but also different marking texts.
So you will find the right paper for your purpose – whether for vouchers, deeds, certificates, attestations, tickets or other documents…
You can order all the variants shown below directly in our online shop.

Here you can see neutral security papers that you can order from stock:

Original Copy
Security paper neutral – Original Security paper neutral – Copy Security paper neutral with watermark
Watermark: Lettering "ORIGINAL"
Copy protection one-sided: "COPY"
on both sides:"COPY", "KOPIE", "unerlaubte Kopie", "illegale Kopie", "ILLEGAL COPY"
Paper thickness 80g, 100g, 130g oder 160g
DIN A4 Portrait, 21 x 29,7 cm
DIN A4 Landscape
(for DIN A5, 4-sided)
Further variants: "KOPIE", "unerlaubte Kopie", "illegale Kopie", "ILLEGAL COPY"
Copy protection KOPIE Copy protection unerlaubte Kopie Copy protection illegale Kopie Copy protection ILLEGAL COPY
Original Copy
Security paper CopySTOP – Original Security paper CopySTOP – Copy Security paper CopySTOP
Copier switches to dark (Copy protection)
Watermark: Lettering "ORIGINAL"
Paper thickness 100g (Premium HS)
DIN A4 Portrait, 21 x 29,7 cm
Copy protection on both sides:"unerlaubte Kopie" (A4)
DIN A4 DL (3x 210x99 mm or 6x 105x99 mm)
"COPY" (DIN long)
DIN A4-A7 (2x A5, 4x A6 or 8x A7)
Original Copy
Security paper without watermark – Original Security paper without watermark – Copy Security paper without watermark
Copy protection on both sides: "COPY"
DIN A4 Portrait, 21 x 29,7 cm
Paper thickness 160g (Premium HS)
DIN A4-A5 (2x A5 cross)
Paper thickness 160g (Premium HS)

Security paper with your imprint

Of course, we also produce security paper according to your wishes. This allows you to optimally adapt the paper and imprint to your requirements.

Areas of application
Official forms, identity cards, letterheads, business forms, expert opinions, ISO documentation, deeds, contract forms, certificates, testimonials, etc.

Innovation Award Ceremony

Innovation Award for Copy Protection
For the development and production of our forgery-proof paper
we were awarded the “VR Innovation Award for Medium-Sized Enterprises Baden-Württemberg”.

At the award ceremony, President Oettinger praised not only the amazing protective effect, but also the fact that no expensive special paper is required. This means that nothing stands in the way of widespread use in everyday life. As customised variants, we offer e.g. certificate paper, COC paper, registry office paper and security paper for LBA presentation training. In the meantime, our copy protection is protected throughout Europe by an EU patent.

COC documents

COC documents

Forgery-proof COC documents for vehicle manufacturers.

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Funny video

Video security paper

A funny video about the function of our security paper.

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