Certificate paper

Certificate preprints with copy protection against manipulation and misuse

How does this work? It’s simple: Instead of your previous certificate paper, you can now use these forgery-proof certificate forms, which can be used like normal paper in any printer and with any software.
You can be sure: All forms comply with the official administrative regulations.

Is a certificate paper with copy protection necessary?

Experts assume that up to 30% of all certificates or copies of certificates have been altered in order to gain advantages. With this alarming figure, all responsible persons should take precautionary measures!
The special advantage of this certificate paper is that its watermark and additional copy protection make it easy to distinguish between the original and the copy. If you hold the original up to the light, you can see the watermark. Copies do not have a watermark and the word “COPY” appears on them – this is the best preventive protection against manipulation.

We were awarded two innovation prizes for this.

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Neutral certificate paper
Original without imprint – only national coat of arms as watermark, additional copy protection "COPY", DIN A5 and DIN A4, 100 g paper.
Final certificate coloured
Original with imprint of the national coat of arms in colour – and as watermark, additional copy protection "COPY", DIN A5 and DIN A4.
Certificate of general qualification for university entrance
New design since 2021!
National coat of arms in colour - and as watermark, original with yellow background, copy with white background.

How does this certificate paper work?

Each original preprint contains the national coat of arms as a watermark that cannot be counterfeited. In addition, the entire sheet is printed with extremely fine micro-dots so that attempts at counterfeiting become visible. When copying, the words “COPY” automatically appear on each copy – and the watermark has disappeared. Thus, the original and the copy can be easily and clearly distinguished from each other.

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COC documents

COC documents

Forgery-proof COC documents for vehicle manufacturers.

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A funny video about the function of our security paper.

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