University certificates

University certificates should be secure

A university certificate is an extremely valuable document for graduates. It is his or her most important business card when starting a successful professional future. Would you have thought that it is estimated that about one third of all certificates have been manipulated in job applications? Unfortunately, with modern scanning and copying technology, this is usually not a big deal. But the consequences of such manipulated applications cannot be undone.

University certificates on forgery-proof certificate paper

For this reason, more and more colleges and universities are taking the precaution of protecting their certificate paper with security features. This makes manipulation more difficult or even impossible. Manipulations of the original are thus more clearly visible – and the original is clearly and undoubtedly recognisable.

Security features for university certificates:

  • Copy protection “COPY” (to protect against tampering)
  • individual watermark (to recognise the original)

These two elements can be supplemented by spot colours, invisible FLUO ink or foil embossing. We recommend the combination of 2-3 security features (e.g. copy protection + watermark + spot colour).

A major advantage is that these security features can be integrated in such a way that the layout and appearance do not have to be changed because of this! This means that no changes or adjustments are necessary for printing the certificates – everything remains exactly the same when printing.

Examples of certificates

For more than 15 years, we have been producing preprints for forgery-proof original documents for a wide variety of applications: for registry offices, district offices, calibration authorities and vehicle manufacturers as well as for aviation, security training and school certificates. To give you some ideas, we show a few examples below.

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University Anhalt
Formats: DIN A4 + A3, paper 160g
Security features:
• Logo imprint in spot colour
• Logo as watermark
• Copy protection "COPY"
University Karlsruhe
Technology and economy

Format: DIN A4, paper 170g
Security features:
• University logo as foil embossing
• Coat of arms as watermark
• Copy protection "COPY"
Technical University

Format: DIN A4, paper 160g
Security features:
• Logo imprint in spot colour
• Logo as watermark
• partially with grey background
• Copy protection "KOPIE"

Expert advice

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COC documents

COC documents

Forgery-proof COC documents for vehicle manufacturers.

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Funny video


A funny video about the function of our security paper.

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